EcoAdvance HVAC Load Reduction Module

Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reduce operating costs with York’s EcoAdvance Load Reduction Module.. The EcoAdvance recycles indoor air, reduces molecular air contaminants and reduces the overall energy load on a building’s HVAC system

This innovative self-regenerating HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) module captures molecular contaminants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Formaldehyde (HCHO) and conditions the air.  The intelligent self-cleaning unit purges contaminants out of the building via exhaust by sensing non-peak occupancy within a building.  Smart sensors continuously monitor system performance and the quality of air inside the building.  Integrated controls manage the inflow of outside air in the building enabling a building to significantly reduce dependence on outside air and still meet the ASHRAE 62.1 requirements for indoor air quality.  

  • New construction with sustainability goals.
  • Historic buildings with energy savings goals.
  • Small office buildings to large office towers.
  • The only commercial solution on the market that removes CO2, formaldehyde and VOCs.
  • HVAC load reduction and energy savings.
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting and validation.
  • Scalable and flexible for most buildings and installations.
  • Reliable with minimum maintenance.
  • Meets ASHRAE compliance standard 62.1(IAQP) and qualifies for 9 USGBC LEED credits(EQpc68).
  • Reduce size for your HVAC equipment.
  • Perfect for new construction or retrofits.
  • Install in conjunction with Air Handling Units, Rooftop Units or Energy Recovery Ventilators.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy indoor installation
  • Improve air quality with minimum installation effort.
  • Real-time monitoring capable.
  • Qualifies for U.S Green Building Council LEED points.
  • Qualifies for Utility rebates(in states where applicable).
  • Save on capital expenditure and operating costs.
  • Significant HVAC load reduction  and energy usage.
  • Payback 

- New construction :Immediate 

-Retrofits: 2 years w/o and
          6months w/utility rebates

  • Backed by YORK® Johnson Control service,warranty and support.

Installation Note
  • Indoor install
  • Horizontal and vertical configuration available
  • 4 ducts---One exhaust to the outside, one return in from the building for cleaning the indoor air", one out to send the air back into the building and one additional in from outside to facilitate regeneration cycle.
  • Cartridges can be used over a long period as the sorbents adsorb CO2 and VOC does not alter the composition of the sorbent.
  • Demand based regeneration ensures optimal IAq at all times.
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