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For Your Home

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Zip Code Format-

  1. USA –
    • Five Digits – 12345
    • Ten Digits (including ‘-‘ between 5th and 6th letter) – 12345-6789
    • Ten Digits (including ‘space‘ between 5th and 6th letter) – 12345 6789
  2. Canada –
    • Seven alphanumeric (including ‘space‘ between 3rd and 4th letter) – A1A 1A1

Note: City and State work as per input values.


140 Years of Design, Innovation & Comfort

The YORK® commitment to building quality home comfort products has a long story behind it - over 140 years long, in fact. In 1874, a manufacturing company in York, Pennsylvania, began making ice machines as an alternative to shipping ice from the Great Lakes.

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Awards and Recognition

The fact that YORK® products are built right has been recognized by many prestigious industry awards. That's because our innovative design and user friendly features help save energy, ensure sustainability and simplify maintenance.

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Living and Working with YORK®

Living and Working with YORK
YORK® is all about getting results that are more efficient and more intelligent. We create equipment that makes environments optimized and connected.

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